Palomino provides a 360 sound experience, from documentaries, commercials, series and short films, tackling every aspect of sound production, from recording, mixing, editing and sound design.

Palomino also operates on scoring for movies, recording and mixing, striving to create and tailor a real and unique audio identity for its clients. 

Working as a standalone unit or in association with various talents, from musicians to sound engineers, Palomino delivers high quality, creativity fueled work. 


Behind Palomino is Jean-Baptiste Marcant, artist inspired by his many experiences in music and photography. From composer and musician, signed with his band in a major record label, recording in world class studios and touring internationally. 

To photographer and videographer, working for himself and as the assistant of various artists, Jean-Baptiste finds in his background the creativity that leads his work with Palomino. 

Combining creativity, skills and musical background to bring a unique take and thrill to audio projects.